Srpen 2014

Lapač snů

31. srpna 2014 v 21:05 | Artist |  Fotím

Lapač snů s fotkami z Hry o trůny (Dereck)


31. srpna 2014 v 21:03 | Artist |  Barevně

Plzeňská katedrála

31. srpna 2014 v 21:03 | Artist |  Fotím

Tom Hiddleston

28. srpna 2014 v 15:24 | Artist |  Citáty

Haters never win. I just think that's true about life, because negative energy always costs in the end."

"Never stop. Never stop fighting. Never stop dreaming."
"Artists instinctively want to reflect humanity, their own and each other's, in all its intermittent virtue and vitality, frailty and fallibility."

"Showing young children in these communities, that there are outlets for their feelings, that there is room in a space for their stories to be told, and that they will be applauded - and it's not about ego, it's about connection: that their pain is everybody else's pain."

"In our increasingly secular society, with so many disparate gods and different faiths, superhero films present a unique canvas upon which our shared hopes, dreams and apocalyptic nightmares can be projected and played out."

"I don't think anyone, until their soul leaves their body, is past the point of no return."

"For myself, for a long time... maybe I felt inauthentic or something, I felt like my voice wasn't worth hearing, and I think everyone's voice is worth hearing. So if you've got something to say, say it from the rooftops."

loki costume

27. srpna 2014 v 20:18 | Artist |  Barevně
Tak mě dneska tak napadlo, jak by vypadal kostým Lokiho pro ženu a zusila jsem návrh.

Sonet 108

21. srpna 2014 v 19:02 | Artist |  Shakespeare
*What's in the brain that ink may character,
Which hath not figur'd to thee my true spirit?
What's new to speak, what new to register,
That may express my love or thy dear merit?
Nothing sweet boy; but yet, like prayers divine,
I must, each day say o'er the very same;
Counting no old thing old, thou mine, I thine,
Even as when first I hallow'd thy fair name.
So that eternal love in love's fresh case
Weighs not the dust and injury of age,
Nor gives to necessary wrinkles place,
But makes antiquity for aye his page,
Finding the first conceit of love there bred
Where time and outward form would show it dead.*

Sonet 18

21. srpna 2014 v 18:40 | Artist |  Shakespeare
"Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath all too short a date:
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimm'd;
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance, or nature's changing course, untrimm'd;
But thy eternal summer shall not fade
Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow'st;
Nor shall Death brag thou wander'st in his shade,
When in eternal lines to time thou grow'st;
So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee."


19. srpna 2014 v 21:17 | Artist |  Barevně

Loki a Tesseract

Butterfly & rose

19. srpna 2014 v 14:59 | Artist |  Černobíle

Hvězdný třpyt

18. srpna 2014 v 19:00 | Artist |  Píšu
Ty hvězdičko na obloze
Tvůj třpyt chtěl bych mít
Po obloze se toulat
Z výšky lidi sledovat
Do všech koutů světa se podívat
Ty hvězdičko na obloze
Tvůj třpyt chtěl bych mít
Po obloze se toulat
Nestarat se o život
Jen krásu Země zhůry zřít